The Week Ahead

December 13, 2010

Glass is half full for U.S. stocks – our markets continue to rally as investors respond to the prospect of a tax deal approval. The deal will be positive for all income brackets and is being reflected in improving consumer confidence. Lurking in the background, however, are whiffs of inflation in our energy and food prices and concerns about inflation in China. Interest rates have been edging back up as well. For now we’ll enjoy the historical pattern of rising stock prices in December and January.

The Week Ahead

December 6, 2010

Equity markets are still digesting last week’s major news out of Europe, conflicts with North/South Korea and our weaker than anticipated jobs number. This week we should get some clarity on the Bush tax cuts. We are in the camp that the tax cuts will be extended (most likely for all income levels or letting the tax cuts expire for income levels above $500k or $1million) with a compromise in extending jobless benefits.  Otherwise we will keep our eyes open for updates regarding the following:

The state of the consumer
Consumer Credit, Tuesday @ 3pm
Jobless Claims, Thursday @830am
Consumer Sentiment, Friday @ 955am

Economic Activity
Oil Inventories, Wednesday @ 1030am
Natural Gas Inventories, Thursday @1030am
International Trade, Friday @ 830am

Money Supply, Thursday @ 430pm
Import and Export Prices, Friday @ 830am