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To Russia with Love

Last week, financial markets shrugged off the ongoing D.C. circus, geopolitical risks and monetary policy shifts. The S&P 500 index rose 0.56% while the NASDAQ added 1.20%, both extending gains for the third straight week. Second quarter earnings have been slightly better-than-expected with 20% of companies reporting and tracking at an estimated 7.2% growth rate. However, several reports caused concern, like past historical market barometers IBM and General Electric, which issued cautious revenue and earnings guidance. In addition to higher growth expectations, the US dollar weakness continues to benefit the international equity markets, with EAFE up 1.35% and EM adding 1.35% for a YTD gain of 25% – not too bad!

Inflation continues to remain subdued relative to the Federal Reserve’s stated target. This has put a lid on long-term rates which have actually gravitated lower so far this year. The trend continued last week with the 10 year US Treasury yield down 9 basis points to 2.24%.

This week all eyes are on corporate earnings reporting, including GOOG, AMZN and FB. On Wednesday, the Fed meeting will be uneventful and is expected not to increase short-term interest rates. The second quarter GDP will be reported on Friday.

Assuming we have a solid earnings season the rest of the way, and supportative commentary from the Federal Reserve, this bull market in stocks should keep going. Nevertheless, there are geopolitical and monetary policy headwinds which add to an already uncertain economic environment and outlook. Investors should remain diversified and avoid any emotional overreactions.

“The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.” -George Bernard Shaw

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